Tatiana Parcero

Tatiana Parcero’s oeuvre explores the body and its implicated connections to identity and the natural world.  Parcero juxtaposes the human figure, which in nearly all the work is her own, and found imagery.  The work looks beyond the visible exterior, and the layers Parcero exposes are both literal and symbolic; beautiful and charged.  She has integrated anatomical drawings, codices, colonial and astrological maps, chemical constructions, and naturalist-style drawings with images of the body.

We find Parcero’s use of the figure with these different elements works to reinforce her visual thesis.  Parcero’s work has shown trespasses (Nuevo Mundo with colonial maps and codices, or Universus with visually broken landscapes), but more importantly proves it is we who draw lines of division that incur missteps.  In truth, there are no borders, beginnings, or endings, just connections and inclusions.  Rather than being redundant, Parcero’s work becomes meditative, reflexive, spiritual, even (Fin y Principio) station-like.  Her visual explorations harmonize and repetition of Parcero’s own figure through different series affirms the singularity and plurality of human the experience- one of many; all are one.  The Body has then evolved as universal symbol, unit, or container connected to and composed of everything.  We are not above Nature; we are of it and of all things.   

Tatiana Parcero (b. 1967 Mexico) earned her Master of Arts in the fields of Art Theory and Photography from New York University and Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City.  Her work has been included in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, and beyond.