Marjorie Salvaterra

Marjorie Salvaterra’s work is surreal.  jdc Fine Art has exhibited the HER series and will exhibit the Sheila with the Red Hair work this summer (2016).  Salvaterra's work is humorous yet dark, and its frames unfold like the stills in a film-series on women under the pressure of “supposed to be.” Salvaterra's "Janes" and "Sheilas" are our everywoman.   On the whole, the work is about women; the pressure we put on ourselves and each other.  It is about the emotional toll of maintaining a straight-seamed, buttoned-up life in a “traditional American household.”  More than anything, though, this work is about cracking.  Salvaterra’s Sheila’s expose the emotional cost of appearing perfect.  Likely, for the women collaborating on the scenes for Salvaterra, this role-play is therapy in itself.  

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