Guillermo Srodek-Hart

Guillermo Srodek-Hart captures more than disappearing places of rural Argentina, but part of a free human spirit that lingers in them.  Man’s mark echoes in the wear-pattern of the floorboards and paint-chipped walls; organized and disheveled work-spaces; sparsely adorned; and over-saturated yet impressively organized counters, cases, and shop windows.  We can see the trace of storekeepers maintaining these spaces and the those of clients patronizing them.  When we do find figures they tend to be white-haired, and we know that neither the patron nor the shop will be long in this world.  Srodek-Heart wanders further with each journey to bring back these Stories while he can. Though the places Srodek-Hart records may become submerged in the tide of progress at least these images will endure the wake.