jdc Curates for The Center for Fine Art Photography

Dreams connect the space between real and surreal.  They derive from fragments of our stream of consciousness.  Our life’s memories, our desires, and our fears reshuffle and play-back in visions that may appear obscured by double-vision, or be crystalized by a hyper-real clarity.  Often, they exist with the support of an uncanny logic or disjointed symbolism.  Whether hopeful or menacing, dreams pull on the strings of our most raw and primal emotions.

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Looking at & Talking About Art with SDAI

Funding for the Arts Month:  Looking at & Talking About Art

This event is being hosted at the San Diego Institute of Art (SDAI) as part of Funding for the Arts Month.  The workshop and panel discussion will address the anxieties engendered by the relative exclusivity of the art world.  Presenters include:  Jennifer DeCarlo of jdc Fine Art; Larry Baza, chair of the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture; Patricia Frischer, Founder of the San Diego Visual Arts Network, and Alessandra Montezuma, Professor of Fine Art and Director of Mesa College Art Gallery.

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