Constanza Piaggio

Old Pink.jpg

Constanza Piaggio has been interested in art history, color and curatorial theory since she began practicing art formally. Piaggio’s practice has always been rooted in a classic tradition, both in process and in theory, but continues to test the confines of the frame and our perception of visual language.

Mental Meteorites (shown here) is a plastic and formal visual study that combines still frames from the artist’s personal image-archive; dry pigments; and, in some images, color grounds. Rather than collages, Piaggio considers her integrations of these base elements “interventions.” The works are instinctive and elemental, playful and spontaneous. Like visual haikus- the prints are concise yet expansive. Indeed, this project is a culminative one. The series keeps with the artist’s interest in art history, touches on traditional aspects of visual representation via the powder-pigment, and engages the contemporary role of the snapshot. Integrations of these layers proves that the desire to preserve a moment for future enjoyment is primal, never all-inclusive, and always open to interpretation. 

Argentinean-born, Parisian-based Constanza Piaggio studied at the School of Creative Photography (EFC) and at the Sindicato de la Industria Cinematografica Argentina (SICA). She earned a Masters in Fine Art with a specialization in photography and cinematography in 2004. Piaggio has exhibited internationally in Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, France, Switzerland, and Spain. She has received important awards, including the Premio Argentino de Artes Visuales; Fundación OSDE; and Rojas/ Buenos Aires University in 2005; and the Fundación Telefónica fellowship in 2006. She was Artist-in-Residence at Appelboom La Pommerie in France in 2009 and at Gyeonggi Creation Center in South Korea in 2011.  

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