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An acquisition of valid art* is an investment. Acquire wisely & see the value of your collection appreciate.

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ACQUISITIONS ARE A CRITICAL form of patronage.  Acquisitions endorse the vision of an artist; they elevate the consciousness of your personal space, and they enrich society.  Your contribution to an Artists' output allows for new production.  Good artists make work that develops over time.  An artist's capacity to achieve "fame" and "value" is insured by their ability to grow viewership capital and secure acquisitions.

VALUE ASSOCIATED WITH VALID ART is incurred through time via attention from gallerists, critics, curators, and patrons.  The value of an artists work or a specific artwork is earned through viewership capital*, directly supported by sales, tested by resales/auction prices, and can be assessed by appraisers.  Validate or predict value by reviewing an Artist's Statement* and CV*.


Valid Art * :  1. artwork of merit, typically created by a professional artist (degree-holding: MA|MFA|PHD); can be made by a novice artist (self-trained, outsider, young artist, etc.).  2. should elicit a powerful reaction & have presence.  3. is contextual, embodies meaning, and translates the sentiment of the Artist to the Viewer, see Artist's Statement* (indicator of validity).  4. it (likely) has reference to art historical or contemporary artworks.  5.  it (may) have received attention from gallerists, critics, curators, other collectors, see CV* (indicator of merit & market value)    


Art Investor:  1.  person who acquires art with the intention to resell it later for profit.  2. considers art an asset like real estate, stocks, and the like.  3. acquires art based on factors of appreciation (validity, merit, resale value, desirability, and believed art-historical foothold).  4. speculates on art based on measures aforementioned.  5. makes highly informed acquisitions:  a) based on deep knowledge of the art market, art history, and timing or b) navigates the marked based on recommendations from credible Dealers|Gallerists   6. makes acquisitions primarily from the upper levels of the Art Market (Auctions or Galleries) over Artists.  

Artist's Statement:  1. a text that translates the Artist's visual language to written language.  2. describes a body of work or general philosophy of overall practice that addresses concerns, themes, or topics being addressed.  3. usually concise- a page or less; can be very short, can be extended.  4. proves consciousness of artistic vision.

Collector | Collecting : 1.  person who acquires art primarily for their own enjoyment.  2. cares about validity, merit, and appreciation.  3. typically establishes collecting parameters (rules for their own collection that can shift, proliferate, or reduce over time)  4. de-acquisitions occurs for one (or typically various) reasons, some include: resell for profit, fundraise for new acquisitions, refine a collection, donate to an institution for legacy.  5. depending on the collection's focus, acquires primarily through Dealers|Galleries, may acquire through Auctions or directly from Artists.

CV (Curriculum Vitae):  1. most common name for an artist's resume.  2. lists major achievements, including education, exhibition record, funding/awards, publications, museum and private collections, etc.  3. can be used to gain understanding of artist's market value, present and potential.

Patron:  1. appreciator of art.  2. takes many forms; Viewers are the most fundamental; Collectors are the most necessary.  3. Other forms:  Dealers|Gallerists; Historians; Writers |Critics; Studio|Art History Educators; Public|Private Collections (Museums), their Staff, Members, Donors, & Umbrella Groups; Archives, Libraries, etc.

Viewership Capital:  1. attention an Artist garners for their work through Museum & Gallery exhibitions, publications, reviews, catalogues, etc.  2.  demand by the public to see or ability to recognize an Artist's work.


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