Paul Turounet 

Paul Turounet received his MFA in Photography from the Yale University School of Art in 1995.  He has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship and two grants from the Trans-Border Institute.  He is most well known for work about the US-Mexico border, which has exhibited across the United States and Mexico.  

Turounet is interested in moments.  Much of his work is about the space between perception and reality;  the distance between what we imagine and what we attain.  His work makes use of the tension exposed by these gaps.  Turounet's work has addressed weighty even contentious issues like the US-MX border and the sex trade in Las Vegas.  

As Turounet's work engages so does it disarm.  We experience a certain neutrality, as if we hover outside social/political implications the works address.  Our perspective is apt to shift, and we may find ourselves looking with fresh eyes at otherwise charged issues only to discover that suddenly something we felt very black and white about becomes grey.  To achieve this, Turounet uses different techniques in each series, reimagining his "straight" images into artists' books, as he did with Tierra Brava (Brave Land) and Bajo la Luna Verde (Under the Green Moon), or adapting a site-specific photo-project to fit a gallery setting as he did with Estamos Buscando A (We Are Looking For) border wall installation.  

Evolving projects focus closer to home, and turn towards the American landscape and personal yet universal stories about becoming a man.  The artist is currently making trips across country to add to an evolving series Somewhre out there something is happening, that explores the current psychological landscapes of the United States.