Matt Eich



Matt Eich explores the psychology of place.  His subject is the American Condition.  He has been examining this on both a macro and micro scale.  He travels, and he photographs his own family.  Whomever is on the other side of the lens, Eich's connections are intimate: they are deep and palpable, unsettling but beautiful.  To see this work is to become implicated in its story.  His are the stories of all of us.

Four volumes fall under an overarching body of work The Invisible Yoke; they include  Carry Me OhioSin & Salvation in Baptist TownThe Seven Cities, and We, the Free.  These projects are the result of extended studies.  Each of these chapters are committed to publication with Swiss publisher Sturm & Drang.  

I Love You, I’m Leaving is a meditation on familial bonds, longing, and memory.  The series borrows from personal experience and the visual language of the everyday.  It creates a fictional account that mirrors reality.  Eich made this work during a time of personal domestic unease; he photographed as his parents separated, and his family moved to a new city.

Carry Me Ohio

I love you, I'm leaving

Eich earned his MFA from Hartford Art School's International Limited-Residency Program and his BS in Photojournalism from Ohio University.  He has an established record in photo journalism; some editorial clients include Al Jazeera America, Business Week, Esquire, GQ, National Geographic, The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, TIME, and WIRED, among others.  Public collections for his personal work include The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The Portland Art Museum, Light Work, and the The New York Public Library, among others.