Contact:  Jennifer DeCarlo, Director

Gallery Cell: (619) 985 - 2322


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Mailing Address:
225 N. Columbus Dr. Unit 6704
Chicago, IL 60601

Business Address:
2400 Kettner Blvd. 
San Diego, CA 92101

jdc Fine Art is a Gallerist currently in transition.  We operated a gallery out of San Diego for 6 years and are transitioning (back) to Chicago.  As we move, Patrons may connect with us via e-mail or by phone (voice & text messages are acceptable).  

All inquiries will be responded to as soon as possible.*

Submission Policy:  

The gallery is not currently seeking new artists for exhibition or representation; inquiries regarding either may not be responded to. *

Folio Reviews can be done at by appointment, an appropriate fee will be charged.  We are a regular reviewer in Photo Lucida's Critical Mass (online) and at Medium Festival of Photography, which occurs in San Diego every October.