Call for Urban Artists
to create murals in alternative space for art

The Annex at Hotel Chicago West Loop


The newly renovated boutique Hotel Chicago West Loop is seeking urban artists to contribute to their recently-launched art initiative, The Annex. 

The Annex is now accepting proposals from artists specializing in urban/street art to create semi-permanent works inside guest rooms.  The Annex is seeking artists to create Chicago-centric wall murals based on any of the following or related themes that celebrate the city: i.e., architecture, music, food, diversity, history. Between 3 to 5 artists will be selected and given their own guest room to exclusively work in on the first floor.  Acceptable media include but may not be limited to: acrylic paint, spray paint, and any non-transferable drawing materials (graphite but not charcoal, for example).  The artist will be permitted scheduled access throughout the month of February for planning, setup and execution of the project.  A stipend of up to $500 will be given to each artist to offset their material costs. 

The murals at The Annex will be on view for 1-2 months (when the guest room is un-unused, they will be propped open for public viewing), and longer if their popularity and durability dictate.  There is also a possibility the hotel could capture the mural and turn it in to wall vinyl for every room.  A public reception & viewing will be hosted in honor of the Annex Mural Program, contributing artists, and permanent collection in late March, 2018 (date TBD).

The Hotel will manage promotion, PR and pre and post-marketing, and host the reception in honor of the artists.  Due to the public and mixed nature of the space, the hotel asks artists refrain from addressing political or explicit content.

 Artist Responsibilities | Guidelines:

The Artist will:
-       Execute the project they propose in their application.

-       Limit their work to pre-designated area – the guest room walls (one wall guaranteed – roughly 8 feet high by 9 feet wide, more space / walls can be used upon approval).
-       Be able to access the space to plan and setup the project during the month of February, dates and times to be approved by hotel management.
-       Be responsible for all expenses related to the project beyond the $500 stipend
-       Be responsible for project execution and installation.
-       Be present for 1-2 meetings with staff to plan logistics for reception & promotion.
-       Be present for the reception.
-       Allow evergreen use of resulting murals in Hotel PR, Marketing & Social Media campaign.

The Artist may not:
-       Put holes in the wall.
-       Move furniture without hotel consent or assistance (although guestrooms should be emptied of furniture by hotel staff prior to installation).
-       Damage/permanently alter the fixtures, or furniture in the rooms.
-       Paint anywhere else besides the designated guest room walls without hotel approval.
-       Include politically charged, sexually graphic, or otherwise explicit content.

Artist Eligibility:

-       Artist must be based out of the Chicagoland area.
-       Professional training (BA, MA, MFA) preferred, but not required.
-       Exhibition history preferred, but not required.
-       Online and social media presence preferred, but not required.

Important Dates:

Submission Due:                              January 31, 2018

Artist Announced:                           February 14, 2018
(on Hotel Chicago West Loop’s Facebook page and via phone call / email)

Scheduled Access
to Space for Planning & Prep:     February 15 – March 15, 2018

Open Reception:                                Late March, 2018 (TBD)

Artist Submission Requirements:

Please e-mail a zip file with 4 below requirements
to Jean-Luc Laramie:
with “Annex Proposal” in the Subject line by January 31, 2018

1. One-page statement
2. Images / Sketches
3. Artist’s CV
4. Exhibit A: Contact Form & Contract Rider

Submission Requirement Details:

Please submit a one-page statement that describes your past and proposed work, as well as intended use or vision of the space. Address all of the following topics:

a.    Description overview of the theme/concept & how it relates to the given subjects: Celebrating Chicago architecture, music, food, diversity, history, etc.
b.    Describe what sort of materials you plan to use for the murals.
c.     Describe how long the project will take to complete (planning session(s), setup and execution) and address any specific needs beyond scheduled access to the space.
d.    Give an estimate of participant involvement (will your install require additional people?).

10 - 15 Images:
Please submit both images of past work as well as renderings, sketches, etc. of proposed work.  

Artist’s CV | Artist’s Resume:
            Please list any formal (arts) education and exhibition history.
            Include artist’s website and social media profiles

Exhibit A: Contact Form & Contract Rider