jdc Fine Art: a mid+west private dealer & project space specializing in content-driven contemporary art.


To achieve greatest connectivity and reach, we operate as a Private Dealer out of the places we have roots: San Diego and Chicago.  We maintain a Project Space in San Diego and Office in Chicago.  We have had longstanding connections to both these cities; we intend to cross-pollinate the work being made in both locations and beyond.  We will not be omnipresent in either venue, rather satellite out of both, and work beyond.  The world is too big to reach from any one point; we are constantly seeking new horizons and launchpads.

Our San Diego space is open for events by invitation (join our mailing list to receive), and by appointment (contact us).  

Jennifer DeCarlo, Director of jdc Fine Art

Jennifer DeCarlo, Director of jdc Fine Art

Omnipresence need not be anchored to a singular space; connectivity can occur outside more than inside the box; collectors tend to explore virtually before physically; and all patrons enjoy special invitations to unique art-events.

Who we are & what we care about:

jdc Fine Art (est. 2011) specializes in content-driven contemporary art by established and emerging artists who specialize in photography.  We work with national and international artists, and champion those making art to serve a higher purpose.  We exhibit work that marks our time, repositions us so as to see from another vantage, calls for re-evaluation of accepted norms, and overall inspires reflection and dialog.  Aesthetically, we gravitate towards narrative, figurative work.  Overarching themes include:  the portrait; beauty and the poetics of the world; the every day; the image as document, memorial, snapshot, even lie; alternative or plural realities; and socio-political or international issues.   

A number of our artists hybridize their work; beyond photographic prints, viewers will encounter photo-dependent or lens-driven works, such as artists' books, videos, objects, installations, and the like.  An increasing number of our artists aim to produce more limited editions and unique works.  

About our Director:  
Jennifer DeCarlo

Jennifer DeCarlo has a strong connection to the photographic field through her work in galleries, as a writer, and patron of the arts.  Jennifer earned her MFA from UW-Madison and BFA from Knox College.  After completing her studies, Jennifer worked as the Assistant Director at the Schneider Gallery, Chicago for three years then  Writer|Editor for AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) for nearly five years.  She has been running her own operation since 2011.

For more on Jennifer & her vision:  Search "jdc Press" below.