jdc Fine Art: a mid+west art dealer specializing in content-driven contemporary art.


Jennifer DeCarlo, Director of jdc Fine Art

Jennifer DeCarlo, Director of jdc Fine Art

Omnipresence need not be anchored to a singular space; connectivity can occur outside more than inside the box; collectors tend to explore virtually before physically; and all patrons enjoy special invitations to unique art-events.

Who we are & what we care about:

jdc Fine Art (est. 2011) is dedicated to content-driven contemporary art by established and emerging artists who specialize in photography.  We work with national and international artists, and champion those making art to serve a higher purpose.  We exhibit work that marks our time, repositions us so as to see from another vantage, calls for re-evaluation of accepted norms, and overall inspires reflection and dialog.  Aesthetically, we gravitate towards narrative, figurative work.  Overarching themes include:  the portrait; beauty and the poetics of the world; the every day; the image as document, memorial, snapshot, even lie; alternative or plural realities; and socio-political or international issues.   

A number of our artists hybridize their work; beyond photographic prints, viewers will encounter photo-dependent or lens-driven works, such as artists' books, videos, objects, installations, and the like.  An increasing number of our artists aim to produce more limited editions and unique works.  

About our Director:  
Jennifer DeCarlo

Jennifer DeCarlo has a strong connection to the photographic field through her work in galleries, as a writer, and patron of the arts.  Jennifer earned her MFA from UW-Madison and BFA from Knox College.  After completing her studies, Jennifer worked as the Assistant Director at the Schneider Gallery, Chicago for three years then  Writer|Editor for AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) for nearly five years.  She has been running her own operation since 2011.

For more on Jennifer & her vision:  Search "jdc Press" below.