About jdc Fine Art

jdc Fine Art was established in 2011 by Jennifer DeCarlo; jdc specializes in cont-driven contemporary photography by established and emerging artists.  We work with national and international artists.  Our roster features many Latin Artists, and a nearly equal balance of men and women artists.

jdc is dedicated to promoting work we see as critical to enduring themes in art history or underlines our point in history.  Our choices reflect our personal taste and aesthetic; we gravitate towards narrative, figurative work.  Overarching currents in our artists' collective aesthetic include:  the portrait; beauty, the poetics of the world; the every day; the image as document, memorial, snapshot, even lie; alternative or plural realities; and international issues.  A number of our artists hybridize their work, so beyond the traditional editioned photographic print.  Viewers will encounter other forms of photo-dependent or lens-driven works, such as artists' books, videos, unique photo-objects, or photo-installations as part of our program.

Jennifer DeCarlo, Director of jdc Fine Art

Jennifer DeCarlo, Director of jdc Fine Art

About the Director

Jennifer DeCarlo has a strong connection to the photographic field through her work in commercial galleries and as a writer.  Ms. DeCarlo earned her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Knox College in 2004 where she double-majored in French and Studio Art.  Prior to opening her own space, she worked as the Assistant Director at the Schneider Gallery, Chicago, for three years.  It was there she fell in love with the business- the act of being liaison between artist and collector.  When she moved to San Diego she wasted little time in getting the Gallery off the ground and continuing her work as a dealer and supporter of the arts.  To finance the Gallery startup, she wrote and managed social media administration for AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) and held the post for nearly five years.  The Gallery and artists are now her full-time pursuit.